Planting Demo Video

How we plant native – a rundown of the tools and techniques we use to plant native trees.

The previously mentioned video showcases our process for planting native species. We illustrate the tools, techniques, and the reasoning behind adopting these methods.

Planting Equipment: Our primary equipment consists of bags and spades.

Planting Bags: These bags can hold up to 50 plants each. They are designed for ergonomics and support, distributing weight around the planter’s hips. This design liberates the planter’s hands, enhancing safety when navigating steep hill country.

Planting Spades: Crafted from wood and stainless steel, these spades are lightweight, reducing fatigue during planting.

Side by Side ATV: The Can-Am vehicle serves as our workhorse on-site, capable of transporting around 700 trees in a single load. It significantly improves accessibility to steep and remote job sites.

Planting Techniques: At Koroneiki Developments, we follow four simple rules to ensure proper tree planting. As you watch the video, you’ll observe our team demonstrating techniques that guarantee accurate planting.

To ensure a well-planted tree:

  • The plant’s plug is deeply set.
    • Planting the plug at least a few centimeters below the soil surface ensures that the root ball is optimally positioned to receive the correct amount of water, air, and nutrients.
  • The soil around the plant is properly cultivated.
    • Cultivating the soil ensures that the area directly around the plug is porous, allowing air, nutrients, and water to penetrate into the plant’s root zone.
  • The plant is positioned straight.
    • Leaning plants will allocate essential energy to growing straight instead of establishing roots and growing taller. Planting a straight tree ensures that the plant’s energy is invested in growing taller and establishing roots.
  • The plant is securely anchored in the ground.
    • This ensures that plants can remain stable during strong winds until their own roots take hold.

Adhering to these four simple rules guarantees a well-planted tree that will be better equipped to survive.

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