Preplanting Services

We offer planning, spraying and pest species poisoning or removal to lay the foundation for a successful native planting project.

Whether your project is revegetation, erosion control or riparian and wetland planting, we will provide a detailed plan for your project.

This includes:

  • coverage area,
  • native species to be planted
  • trees per hectare
  • timeline for your project.

We’ll communicate with you along the way to minimise the impact on livestock and your farming operations throughout the project.

Spot spraying suppresses the encroachment of grasses and other plant pests around your native plants during the establishment phase. The spots of dead grass can also act like mulch keeping other weeds out during spring while keeping the soil moist and cool for good plant establishment longer into the summer months.

Spot spraying is preferred over area spraying as it leaves some grasses and other species undisturbed to act as a cover crop, improving:

  • soil moisture
  • infiltration
  • soil stability
  • microorganisms growth
  • worm activity
  • Long grass offers protection from hares, rabbits and possums

Area spraying also reduces cover around the newly established plants thereby increasing susceptibility to wind damage and foraging pests such as rabbits and hares.

In more severely overgrown areas that have dense blackberry, barberry or gorse infestations, scrub removal may be the best option prior to planting. The main aim is to ensure our planting crew can maximise plant coverage as best as possible.

We pride ourselves on offering efficient scrub removal services that have proven to support the long term success of native planting projects throughout the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

Get in touch with us for a free no obligation site visit and we can recommend the best bang for buck solution for your land.