Revegetation Planting

Revegetation is the process of planting native vegetation after land clearing or other disturbance. It is a good solution for steep slopes or poor grazing land especially at risk of erosion.

Revegetation planting has significant long-term benefits including:

  • Improved biodiversity and native bird life
  • Stabilising soil, reduced erosion
  • Protecting the soil surface and enhance soil stability
  • Preventing the establishment of weeds
  • Improves and retires unproductive farm areas
  • Links areas of existing riparian vegetation and regenerating forest habitats, to improve site connectivity, reduce edge effects and create contiguous habitats

Erosion control

Our extensive knowledge of New Zealand natives and planting techniques stabilise land and help prevent erosion.  The right trees planted in the right place help bind soil, retain moisture and protect the ground.

A proactive approach to erosion control is recommended and it’s best to plant before significant erosion occurs as it can take up to 20 years to recover.

We’ll work with you to ensure successful revegetation planting by recommending plant selection and planting services that complement the site, water availability, and weather conditions.

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