Riparian and wetland planting

Riparian and wetland planting is the process of designing and maintaining a plant palette that focuses on native plantings to preserve, protect, enhance and sustain water quality.

Riparian and wetland planting has significant long-term benefits including:

  • Provides buffering to riparian areas, which will help filter out sediment and pollutants from runoff, therefore enhancing water quality
  • Prevents the establishment of weeds
  • Improves native biodiversity
  • Improves and retires unproductive farm areas
  • Links areas of existing riparian vegetation and regenerates forest habitats, to improve site connectivity, reducing edge effects and creating contiguous habitat

Planted in strategic locations along waterways, wetlands and streams, riparian landscapes also help to manage flood waters and stormwater runoff, prevent soil erosion and stabilise stream banks and wetland areas.

We offer a complete riparian planting service – from property assessment through to planting design, installation and maintenance. We supply top quality plants and plant them in optimal locations. Koroneiki Developments can provide you with expert advice on how to meet your project goals while minimising the impact on farming operations.

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